Mobile Home Skirting

Is your mobile home insurance being canceled? Are you paying MORE for LESS Insurance Coverage?

Citizens Property Insurance and other Insurance underwriters are raising premiums and they are not renewing mobile home policies. Big Insurance companies are canceling coverage on carports, sheds and sunrooms yet they raise your premiums.

TIME INSURANCE in Punta Gorda Florida 941-637-1106 has affordable full coverage insurance options.

In order to lower your rates and get better coverage you may be required to make improvements to the skirting on your manufactured or mobile home. These skirting improvements can raise the value of your home and they may also make your home look and perform better.

After we complete the necessary work, many clients see that the Skirting upgrade has added value, beauty and a look of permanency to their home, they also find that the area underneath their home remains dryer, and it is better protected from rodents, animals and insects and their home is cooler in the summer and warmer in winter.

Call us to see how this Upgrade may be Free! Or cost very little! *

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Some of the skirting options we offer: 1. We can restack the existing loose brick, 2. Install cement board or 3. Build new skirting from brick and mortar.  Access panels, sales tax and vents are included. We give a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty and attentive thoughtful customer service. 

See the BEFORE and AFTER pictures images below

 *(The cost for insurance from Time Insurance) + (cost of skirting upgrade) may = what you are currently paying for insurance; saving you hundreds of dollars each year in the coming years.  Some clients have found that the TOTAL COST of their new insurance policy from Time Insurance and the cost of the skirting upgrade is equal what they are currently paying for just insurance.


Sample of Mobile Home premium rates from Time Insurance

Rates clients paid as of 03/01/2012


Amount of coverage Premium for a year
$50,000 $868.72
$65,000 $  1077.07
$75,000 $1216.69
$90,000 $1396.05
$115,000 $1783.77

NOTE we are not licensed to quote market advertise or sell insurance.

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